Get your thinking caps on and be ready to flex your brain muscles in this fun and energetic Mac word game Boggles. Based on the board game this video version is fast and challenging to play for all ages. So get ready to press the bubble and make as many words as you can.

The play is to click on the bubble to scramble the letters. From there you make as many words as possible and as quickly as you can. You can decide whether to make 3 or 4 letter words or longer. The longer the word the better and you’ll receive more points. There are 3 modes of play in Boggle...


Bookworm Deluxe

Lex, the green bookworm, at the sidebar, greets and instructs you at the beginning of this game, throughout the play he makes encouraging comments, and he warns you of the eminent danger waiting ahead of you. There are Scrabble-like tiles in 7 columns with either 7 or 8 pieces in each one. The columns are staggered so one tile can touch part of 4 tiles on the sides and 1 above and 1 below. At the most there are 6 directions to make a word. The letter tiles on the sides and top and bottom of the game board have less options.

The object of the game is to make the longest word possible by using t...


Merriam Webster Spell-Jam

There are 3 modes of play in this game: Practice, Game Show and Competition. Practice will give you 25 words to spell, and it will take you through the session 3 times. Hopefully you will be able to spell all the words correctly by the third time. In all three modes you are able to choose from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. A commentator gives you the word, and you have 4 options before spelling it. You may ask to repeat the word, give you a sentence, definition, or origin or get all 4 hints...


Text Twist 2

Everyone is different and Text Twist 2 takes that into consideration by creating 3 modes of play to fit all types of people. In the Lightning mode you must use all the letters offered to make a word before the time runs out. Some people are good at this mode, but others, like me, need more time to figure out the word. What’s great about this game is you can twist the letters around so maybe you’ll have betterText Twist 2 7 luck making your word. The crossword puzzle mode is in the crossword configuration and you make words using the blocks presented both vertically and horizontally...


Thomas and the Magical Words

It is up to you to help Tommy escape this imprisonment by creating a word path to exit the book. In a Scrabble like fashion you make up words from the given letters at the top of the screen. Each new word must connect to the old words forming a link or path to the gate to the right. You click on a letter and drag it to the game board, place it on a square  and when a word is made the pink letters will turn green. There is a Stamina gauge that goes down when you do not make a word, but will fill up again when you do form a word. The more dots on the letter pieces will garner you more points...