The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop, not to be mistaken with the sim time management game Flower Shop, is a visual novel with some simulation play on the side. Made by the same developer of Bionic Heart, the story about love, friendship and flowers is progressed with reading the dialogue among the anime characters. You are also in control of some of the conversation when given a choice. In addition to the “talk” in this game, you can direct the mood of each character with your decisions.

In this novel you are Steve, a young, spoiled college boy, finishing his finals after his first year of school and not doin...


Matches and Matrimony A Pride and Prejudice Tale

“Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance” (Jane Austen) appears to be the theme of the visual novel/rpg/sim game Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale where the decisions you make will consequently reveal an ending. This dating game is based on 3 of Jane Austen’s classic books: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion. This conglomerating of separate novels works seamlessly into a romantic game where you are in control of the endings and plays even in this time and age.

As in any novel it is separated into chapters...


Planet Stronghold

You take on the role of a young attractive new recruit. You have a choice to make right away with the gender (either Lisa or Joshua Nelson). There are 4 character classes to choose from: Soldier, Guardian, Scout, and Psionic. If you played any rpgs, you know each characteristic can dramatically change the outcome of the story. In addition there are 3 modes of difficulties. If you are new to this type of game or a casual gamer, start with the Easy and work yourself up to Medium and Hard. You can change your modes any time in the preference screen...


Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me is a melodramatic visual novel about Aaron Cowen who loses his short term memory from a horrendous motorcycle accident. Amarantha Fitch or Amy is his girlfriend who didn’t get hurt in the unfortunate incident. The big question is will Aaron remember Amy? Can you somehow make him remember her? Will Amy find someone else or can she move on in her life without Aaron? This game is a life simulation with dating sim elements. The outcome of the story depends solely on your choices.

This game will have you going to different locations on the map to do different tasks like going t...


Bionic Heart

More than a sci-fi visual novel, Bionic Heart, is an interactive anime inspired movie with you controlling the plot and eventually the ending. The year is 2099 AD and it is raining in London. This is not an unusual scenario for London but now it rains every day in this modernistic, space age city with high rises spiraling towards the dark skies. The entire planet is wrapped in this rain soaked atmosphere...