Hotel Dash 2 Lost Luxuries

If you’ve never played a Dash game, where have you been? This one is the second in a series of hotel time management games. The annual French Fry Festival is deciding which location to have their celebration. It’s now between Dinertown and Donutville, and the competition is intense. Flo is certain Dinertown will win until she speaks to Mr. Big, her former adversary. As mayor he spent all the funds on making the best convention center ever, and there’s no money left to build new hotels to house all the festival participants...


Farm It

This farm game is not your usual growing flowers or vegetables, fighting pests and drought, but it is you as the youthful rooster getting the hens to lay their eggs for future chickens. Click on a hen and the rooster will either skip rope, swing or share a worm with a hen (euphemism for breeding). You have a goal of how many eggs you need to produce at the top of the screen. It’s not as easy as it seems because as usual you’ll have blocks and obstacles impeding your progress. The hens have different moods, dog will beat you up and the old rooster is not happy with you taking his job...


Garage Inc.

Angelo, a poor immigrant, is trying to make a honest living in Chicago. His dream of owning a garage is not within reach until his cousin Sal offers to front $1000 to start his shop. Reluctant at first, but grateful for the opportunity, Angelo begins working on the many models of cars that are being pumped out of Detroit.
This game is your typical time management game where you must reach your goals within each day to move on to the next level. You begin on Day 1, Monday, December 10, 1928...


Magic Farm Ultimate Flower

Choose your skill level from Casual or Hardcore modes and begin your journey to find Iris’ parents. The story is familiar but hey, you have to start the expedition somewhere. However, you don’t have enough money to go searching for them. Your old neighbor lets you use his broken down farm to grow flowers and sell them to raise enough revenue to subsidize your trips and hire a detective.

Anyone coming up to you in the foreground of the screen wants to speak to you. Just click on them to see what they have to say...


Chloe’s Dream Resort

Chloe is a young, hardworking woman in need of a life change. She goes to work each day from 9 to 5 in a small cubicle in a large corporation reporting to her supervisor day in and day out. She is so exhausted she falls asleep at her desk. In her sleep she dreams about Maya, also young and hardworking, who is running a ski resort. Unfortunately, nightmares have invaded the dreams and scared everyone away. No one can finish the sleep cycle making for a miserable life of constantly being tired. You know how horrible that is so Chloe needs to help Maya make her resorts a successful one.

Begin you...