Thomas and the Magical Words

It is up to you to help Tommy escape this imprisonment by creating a word path to exit the book. In a Scrabble like fashion you make up words from the given letters at the top of the screen. Each new word must connect to the old words forming a link or path to the gate to the right. You click on a letter and drag it to the game board, place it on a square  and when a word is made the pink letters will turn green. There is a Stamina gauge that goes down when you do not make a word, but will fill up again when you do form a word. The more dots on the letter pieces will garner you more points. The helps on the right top are locked until you save an animal by forming your words to their island. The helps are hammers, clear, magic tile and hint hat.

There are 2 modes of play in Thomas and the Magical Words: Adventure and Survival. In Adventure the time fills up when you make a word and you can easily complete a level at your leisure. The Survival mode is locked until you pass several levels in the Adventure mode. The Survival mode has the Stamina Gauge continuously running out so your play must be made quickly or you will lose the level. In this mode there are a lot more extras and is a more exciting play. There are certain squares on the game board that will give you more points (2x, 3x, etc.).

In between the levels are mini puzzles to give you a break from thinking up words and to try and get more helps. The game is to guess what the keyword is at the top of the page. You get certain number of guesses on what the letters might be in order to figure out the keyword.

Thomas and the Magical Words is a wonderful and educational Mac game for both children and adults. It can be easy if you make very short words, but the trick is to make the longest word possible from the letters given to you, and on top of all that rescue cute little animals and Tommy on the different islands throughout the Book of Spells. I really enjoy playing the Survival mode with its many extras and the timed factor. Try out both modes and see which one fits you the best, but do try it. Don’t let the cartoon characters and story line hold you back. They are just as fun to view as playing this Scrabble like word game.

Feature of Thomas and the Magical Words:

  • Adventure and Survival Modes
  • 48 Levels
  • Guess the Word Mini Game
  • Unravel the Exciting Story