The Fool

Who in their right mind will send a fool to do a brave knight’s job? Well, in all honesty the king was desperate, and losing a foolish young kid is no big deal. The king’s realm is devastated with a fire-breathing dragon that decided to nest in the beautiful caves of the countryside. The king sends out a cry for help. Anyone who rids the kingdom of this menacing creature, brings his bloody tooth back will get the hand of the beautiful princess and half his land.
Many have tried and failed in the attempt, but soon a young man happens upon a flyer and decides he can do the job. In this interesting hidden object adventure, you search for outfits needed to complete tasks. You play different puzzles and hidden object games to get clothing and other inventory items to use in this play. First off anyone attempting to kill a dragon needs the proper armor for protection so you need to find, get money to buy and make deals with quirky characters like the guy in the dungeon for things you’ll need. After getting a piece of armor, you dress your man so he can venture out into the dark caves. Surprisingly enough this young fool has a plan and you need to find ingredients to make a potion. Long fairy tale short he gets the bloody tooth, marries the princess and lives happily ever after until……the extremely mad dragon wakes up to find his tooth missing. The village people chased the fool out of town.
Here you begin more adventures solving various types of puzzles like arranging bricks to match the other side of the screen, getting inventory pieces to get machinery working, picking locks and more. Many of these puzzles are easy enough to figure but you can skip it if you wait a few seconds in the Easy mode or a little longer in the Expert. In addition, the Easy mode will recharge the hint button quickly and show sparkles for areas that need more investigating or for HOGs. In the HOG scenes the list will be at the bottom of the screen with objects you need to find. In orange letters you will need to interact with things to reveal the object. There are four different cursors that will change for different methods to use like the magnifying glass to zoom in, an arrow to go to another area, the hand to pick up items and the gears for solving things with inventory items.
The beginning of the Easy mode will guide you through the initial stages of the game for anyone new to HOGs. The scenes are not scary so younger children can help you find things and work out the puzzles. They may recognize the fairy tale theme but it does go into more mysterious realm to keep you motivated to continue on in this crazy adventure. It’ll take you through the fairy tale castle, scientist’s lab, a steampunk city and more in this fascinating and hilarious story. Where else will you find a princess telling the fool he has eyes like her hamster?
A few of the negatives in this game are that you need to click on an exact spot to get the items, the game is relatively short (only 5 chapters. Maybe I was having such a good time, I didn’t want it to end?), when you clear an area, it doesn’t let you know clearly at the top like some other games. However the good parts outweigh the bad like the humor, great art scenes (looks like different artists from the beautiful, soothing fairy tale type of locations to mechanical steampunk pictures), cutscenes are narrated tongue and cheek by one of the characters, music and sounds are appropriate and different types of plays like dressing the Fool for certain occasions. The Fool is a funny, innovative game you’ll want to try out. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for a different and surprisingly fun experience.
Features of The Fool:<

  • Great Tale of Dragon and Princess
  • Different Types of Environments
  • Many HOGs and Puzzles to Solve