Review On Best Adventure Games

James Patterson Women’s Murder Club Death in Scarlet

A morning jog turns up a spine chilling discovery, and a new wave of fear begins to hover over the beautiful city of San Francisco, much like the dense famous fog that rolls in every day. Enter the world of James Patterson, one of America`s most popular storytellers, and study murder scenes as Claire Washburn, Lindsay Boxer and  crime reporter Cindy Thomas. Look for hidden objects inside 9 investigations, brain-bending puzzles, strikingly-beautiful artwork, and an all-new spine tingling storyline. Discover the truth and stop a psychotic killer. Play another game like this: Agatha Christie’s Peril at End House.

Avenue Flo

In Avenue Flo, our good friend Flo is back but the game is surprisingly NOT a time management game. Described as a sim game for Mac computers, it’s rather, more like a set of various games and puzzles including some hidden objects, logic and a lot of adventure gaming. In the story, Quinn (of Wedding Dash fame) runs into too many problems right before the wedding of one of her clients, and it’s up to you (as Flo) to help her out. Explore three neighbourhoods of Diner Town (Avenue Flo, Bistro Bay and Yum Yum Square), meet people along the way for clues about what you’re suppose to do next, and pick up items to add to your inventory that you can use to solve puzzles. If you’re a fan of Flo games, you will probably connect with everyone because you’ll know all the characters from previous games. But if you don’t normally like these games, you might unexpectedly like it since it isn’t like all the other games. It’s also the first time, ever, where you’ll get to hear the voices of Flo and her friend, Quinn.

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