Review On Best Action Games


Blast into space where androids and robots collide. Use your sharp eye and great aim to abolish the invasive robots from taking over the galaxy. Get addicted to this game of mayhem with more than 70 robots to annihilate, 10 massive power-ups 4 giant boss robots to conquer, over 40 levels of frantic action, and tons of fun. Be prepared for this fast paced shooter game by getting your trigger finger ready for the battle that awaits. With so many levels and robots to hunt, it is impossible not to get sucked into this world of action and adventure. Take over the roll of the last humanoid and save the galaxy from this attempted hostile takeover.


Another splendid ball shooting game.

Like in Zuma, use your Orb Slinger to shoot colored spheres into groups of three or more and reclaim every corner of this once vibrant forest.

Discover amazing amulets and glittering power-ups hidden along the shaded path. Featuring three game modes, glorious achievements and loads of intriguing levels, Sparkle for mac is fast, colorful, and full of addictive fun!


Everyone left the islands ! Who will be responsible for feeding the animals and find out what scared the people away from this beautiful paradise?

Professor Fizzwizzle, to the rescue!

Bounce bubbles, rescue hungry cute animals, and solve a mystery through more than 180 levels of brick breaking fun!

Collect coins to help buy food for the animals while you compete for high scores and unlock dozens of trophies! There’s even a spectacular kids’ mode with fun animal quizzes! Download FizzBall now, and get playing!

Escape the Museum 2

In Escape the Museum, you were playing a hidden object game for Mac from our main character, Susan’s point of view as she looked through artifacts in the crumbling museum while also trying to find her daughter, Caitlyn. In Escape the Museum 2, the POV is from David, Susan’s husband, who was at home at the time of the earthquake. There is much more adventure gaming and puzzle solving required in this game in addition to the main hidden objects game play. David is on one side of town and he’s got to cross the ruined city to get to the museum, where Susan and Caitlyn are. Get David to negotiate the broken city across town on his way to saving Susan and Caitlyn. If you can’t seem to get enough games like this, then try playing more hidden object games for Mac.