Planet Stronghold

You take on the role of a young attractive new recruit. You have a choice to make right away with the gender (either Lisa or Joshua Nelson). There are 4 character classes to choose from: Soldier, Guardian, Scout, and Psionic. If you played any rpgs, you know each characteristic can dramatically change the outcome of the story. In addition there are 3 modes of difficulties. If you are new to this type of game or a casual gamer, start with the Easy and work yourself up to Medium and Hard. You can change your modes any time in the preference screen. The game will guide you through the main moves and descriptions as you go along. Also your android will go over things with you. Conversations can be as quickly paced as you want, and you can review any text by paging down, up or using the mouse wheel. Quests are added throughout the game and can be viewed anytime with the middle icon pictured to the lower right of the screen.

Before each battle you will get an enemy screen where you can view the type of alien and their strengths and weaknesses. The battles are between you and up to 4 other people against the enemy. The turn based combat has you initiating the first move. The battle screen will display in the center the enemy and their stats at the top of the screen, and you and your team’s data at the bottom. When it is your turn to attack, your screen will be highlighted in orange with 6 options to use. All are different in the effectiveness of each weapon. If you should win then the experience points are divided among your people. There are many different types of weapons and armors but also there are other non-combat skills you can use like mind influence, explosives, science and sneak.

The other play in this game is your relationships with the other people. I chose Lisa as my hero and she has Michelle Lafleur as a roommate. Michelle is a little touchy and your relationship gauge will pop up and lower whenever she is upset with you. 0 is when she hates you and 100 is love. I’m always trying to please her but it is not easy. The conversation choices you make will affect your relationships. This gauge will affect your romance sub-plots but will not do anything when it comes to your fighting skills. Your relationships get more and more complex as you meet other recruits, the king and different people.

The map will help you move around easily from your dorm room to the training center and beyond. There are unknown sites you must get access through either dialogue or by solving a quest. Quests can be as small as finding information about your heritage to investigating the rumors about trouble on the planet.

Competition comes in when you find out there are only 8 openings for the Royal Guard and 320 recruits. Plus your immediate sergeant does not like you, but the commanding officer is very friendly. You must prove yourself in tests and actual battles. There are 6 romantic endings to this game; 3 for the female character and 3 for the male person.

There are so many options from choosing your gender, class, dialogues and your destiny, the battles against enemies and the fights with other people that will determine how the game will be played. It’s all up to you. If you don’t like an outcome, play it again differently by choosing the other gender and another class. Each story will offer up surprises depending upon your choices.

The battles are a challenge but are also fun and exciting at the same time. Keeping your relationships happy is also hard. The story line gets more and more intense as you go on to higher chapters in this suspenseful drama. The anime artwork is exquisite as always with great alien drawings. The instructions are clear and stats detailed. My only complaint is with the females standing with their hands on their hips in front of a commanding officer. Rebecca Fox the mean sergeant is strong and dynamic. Planet Stronghold is a great game with balanced story line and battling. Try their extensive demo and see for yourself.

Features of Planet Stronghold:

  • 40 Different Enemies with Bosses
  • Quests and side quests
  • Over 50 hours of Gameplay
  • Different Stories Based on Your Choices
  • 6 Romantic Endings