Julia’s Quest United Kingdom

If you can’t make it over the great pond to the British Isles, the next best thing is to play Julia’s Quest: United Kingdom. It will take you to all the great tourist locations like the Tower of London, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Westminister Abbey, National Gallery and the now iconic London Eye. Not only will this game take you to the many fantastic places but it will also give you fun facts and interesting stories behind each location.

This is mainly a match 3 game with a short story about Julia searching for clues and answers by following her grandfather’s diary and his fascinating ...


The Fool

Who in their right mind will send a fool to do a brave knight’s job? Well, in all honesty the king was desperate, and losing a foolish young kid is no big deal. The king’s realm is devastated with a fire-breathing dragon that decided to nest in the beautiful caves of the countryside. The king sends out a cry for help. Anyone who rids the kingdom of this menacing creature, brings his bloody tooth back will get the hand of the beautiful princess and half his land.
Many have tried and failed in the attempt, but soon a young man happens upon a flyer and decides he can do the job...


Mishap 2 An Intentional Haunting

The ghostly adventure will take you to the evil villain and biggest rival of Hobblepop, Avery Nailliv, and his mysterious and foreboding island. Brock and Kelly Burton (from the 1st Mishap) are part of this unlikely combination of characters that will go to this island to recover Hobblepop’s stolen paranormal research. Nailliv has a lot of rooms in his sinister fortress full of odd, sad and strange cartoon ghosts.
In each object filled scene you can expand the room by going to the edge of the screen on both sides...