Mishap 2 An Intentional Haunting

The ghostly adventure will take you to the evil villain and biggest rival of Hobblepop, Avery Nailliv, and his mysterious and foreboding island. Brock and Kelly Burton (from the 1st Mishap) are part of this unlikely combination of characters that will go to this island to recover Hobblepop’s stolen paranormal research. Nailliv has a lot of rooms in his sinister fortress full of odd, sad and strange cartoon ghosts.
In each object filled scene you can expand the room by going to the edge of the screen on both sides. Find entrances to more HOGs by moving your cursor over an area and the cursor will change to a door. Find all the hidden objects and use the hint button if you need it. Some of the items are really hard to spot so you may need it and to reuse the button wait for the green balloon to inflate again. In addition collect all green Ultimo Energy cans. There is 1 in each scene and 4 per chapter.
You must also capture the ghosts roaming around in each room. Watch for the flashing monocle and click on it. Use the Ecto-Detecto meter to zero in on an invisible ghost. Move your cursor over the entire room and you will see the meter registering if you are on the ghost. Click it and the ghost will scatter to another area of the room. Click on it 3 times in order to capture the ghost. Some of the items you collect are used for Hobblepop’s gadgets and the riddle. To get to the next location you must solve the riddle or “rebus” to continue on. The many mini games are well thought out and takes a little thinking to complete.
There are major ghosts and minor ghosts all with bizarre stories. On the most part they are not scary; maybe creepy or freaky. You can read their stories throughout the play. If you want to avoid the ghost scare for misclicks, play the Relaxed mode with faster recharging buttons.
The overall story about the Mishap gang is comically fascinating but there’s more to reveal in this game. The developers are creative storytellers who keep you hanging on to the tales of each spirit. Although the play is similar to the first game, it is still very entertaining and enjoyable. The artwork is amazing just to look at but to find the objects past the animated parts are challenging at times. This game is a good time no matter how you look at it. I give it a 4 out of 5.
Features of Mishap 2: An Intentional Haunting:

  • 32 Object-filled Scenes
  • Awesome Artwork
  • Eccentric and Fun Story