Magic Farm Ultimate Flower

Choose your skill level from Casual or Hardcore modes and begin your journey to find Iris’ parents. The story is familiar but hey, you have to start the expedition somewhere. However, you don’t have enough money to go searching for them. Your old neighbor lets you use his broken down farm to grow flowers and sell them to raise enough revenue to subsidize your trips and hire a detective.

Anyone coming up to you in the foreground of the screen wants to speak to you. Just click on them to see what they have to say. Your initial farm is the old neighbor’s and you can grow different types of flowers. You plant the flowers and wait for it to grow. Click on the flower and it will go into your harvest basket. If you see drops of water, the plants need watering so click on it and watering cans will appear and water your plants. You’ll also need to buy water before the start of a new day. In addition to keeping your flower plants healthy, you must fight off bugs and later monsters to keep them away. Sometimes the bugs will leave extra bonuses around. Click on them to collect. They can be from a drop or more of water, a crown trophy and more. Once you harvest your flowers, click on the basket to either sell individually or make the blossoms into bouquets to sell for more money.

Your quests are listed in a little scroll next to Iris’ picture in the upper left corner. Keeping with the RPG game part of it, you will need to gain experience to increase your skills in farming, pest control, trading and watering. Also there is a trophy room to place all your hard earned achievements in your cozy living room. Later in the game Robin the dragon will help you out.

Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower is a sequel so if you didn’t play the first, this second one is similar with a few new plants so playing either game is good. This game has a lot going for it and even though it’s a bit of a hybrid, the 2 plays are fun to do. The artwork is good and the music lively. One downside of this game is when you travel to different farms, you lose all your goods and must start over again. Help Iris find her parents and enjoy this sim/rpg game.

Features of Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower:

  • Great Sim and RPG Game
  • Grow Beautiful Flowers, Make Bouquets
  • Good Artwork and Music