Julia’s Quest United Kingdom

If you can’t make it over the great pond to the British Isles, the next best thing is to play Julia’s Quest: United Kingdom. It will take you to all the great tourist locations like the Tower of London, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Westminister Abbey, National Gallery and the now iconic London Eye. Not only will this game take you to the many fantastic places but it will also give you fun facts and interesting stories behind each location.

This is mainly a match 3 game with a short story about Julia searching for clues and answers by following her grandfather’s diary and his fascinating travels for the final prize. The match 3 plays will take you to different places in the United Kingdom with fun British tokens to line up either horizontally or vertically. Match 3 or  more identical items to clear the board. Make matches below the jigsaw puzzle pieces and bring them down the screen to fill the small board to the lower left side. After you get all the puzzle pieces, you put together jigsaw revealing a beautiful place. There’s a Bonus Shop to buy or sell bonuses, however the cost of each item is very high. Completing the match 3 puzzle within a time period will win you a gold, silver or bronze medal.

This is a straight match 3 game with your standard bonuses, good facts about each location, awards and finally the code to open the bank safe. Even with all these things you don’t get the excitement factor like in other match games like the clashing power ups of Treasures of Montezuma or the adventure in Cave Quest. Julia’s Quest: United Kingdom has good artwork and great sound effects and music, but the buttons in the match 3 game stays basically the same and there’s no frenzy in the play. You can replay any games to get an higher score to get a better medal. I give this game a 3 out 5 for a solid match 3 game.

Features of Julia’s Quest: United Kingdom:

  • Match 3 Games
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Fantastic and Interesting Locations