Hotel Dash 2 Lost Luxuries

If you’ve never played a Dash game, where have you been? This one is the second in a series of hotel time management games. The annual French Fry Festival is deciding which location to have their celebration. It’s now between Dinertown and Donutville, and the competition is intense. Flo is certain Dinertown will win until she speaks to Mr. Big, her former adversary. As mayor he spent all the funds on making the best convention center ever, and there’s no money left to build new hotels to house all the festival participants. Quick thinking Flo with help from her friend, Quinn the wedding consultant, offer to restore all the rundown hotels in town.
Begin by restoring the Two Tree Hotel and providing the best service by meeting all your guests’ needs. There are 2 goals you can meet for each level. It will give you the goal and if you want to earn trophies, try for the expert goals for more points. The game is similar to the first hotel game but with some familiar characters. When guests arrive at your hotel either singly or in multiples, you click on the customers then drag the key to their room. Next you must click on the luggage for Flo to deliver it to the assigned room. There will be requests for room service and putting together or chaining things will gain you more points and save you or Flo time and energy. Keep an eye on the stars next to the people because you need to keep the customers happy or they will lose their hearts and patience. They will leave the hotel causing you to lose money and possibly the level. When more and more guests arrive at the hotel with more requests, you will be as busy as a bee.
At least in this game you do not have to worry about Mr. Big, remember he’s now on your side. However, the evil mayor of Donutville will be after you since he wants the festival in his town. Other obstacles may be puddles and shards you will have to clean up and sleepwalkers you will have to deal with in your job as all around working stiff. Luckily, you will get helps to make your job easier. You can upgrade rooms up to 3 times or stars. A cart will help Flo with her many chores. You can add different items to ease the workload. Some of the items are a mop, cell phone, ice bucket and more. There are more helpful devices to get Flo to move faster. There are ramps, vines, ice slides and magic carpets.
The game will keep your interest by going from one interesting hotel to another. There are the treehouse, submarine, ice palace, and sand hotel. In order to move on you must get stars to restore new parts to the hotels and put together map pieces to continue on your duties.
With 5 different types of hotels with 10 levels each this game will have you playing for hours. The artwork and lively music, as always, are good. The play is not as difficult as some of the other Dash games, and getting that Expert goal is not out of reach. This game may not challenge the hardcore time management gamers, but it is a fun game to play nonetheless. Give it a go and try your hand at hotel management. Get the French Fry Festival to be held at Dinertown!
Features of Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries:

  • 50 Fun Filled Levels
  • Great Artwork and Music
  • Quirky Characters, New Upgrades