Garage Inc.

Angelo, a poor immigrant, is trying to make a honest living in Chicago. His dream of owning a garage is not within reach until his cousin Sal offers to front $1000 to start his shop. Reluctant at first, but grateful for the opportunity, Angelo begins working on the many models of cars that are being pumped out of Detroit.
This game is your typical time management game where you must reach your goals within each day to move on to the next level. You begin on Day 1, Monday, December 10, 1928. Your goal for each day is given to you before you start, the time is at the upper left along with the amount of money you make along the way. The game will let you know when you reach your goal and you will continue to fix cars until all are gone. When a car enters the garage, click on it and then click on the parking area outlined, click on Angelo to examine and determine what needs fixing, click on the car again and then the service bay to move the car to make repairs. You click on Angelo or one of his workers (you’ll get them later in the game) to repair the car. Once the repairs have been made the owner of the car will appear to pay for the costs. You must now click on Angelo and then the dollar sign for payment. The car will drive away at this point. Just remember Angelo is the only one who can diagnose the repairs and he is the only one who can collect the money. His workers make repairs. You’ll have a choice of laborers later in the game, and you must decide who you want working on a particular day. The better workers will cost you more for that day.
As in other time management games, you must always keep your customers happy by playing quickly and servicing all their needs. Once they are upset, they will leave without paying you. Your reputation is on the line so you must keep them happy to earn stars.
The story is told through voiced, colorful cartoon cutscenes. Sal shows up one snowy night looking quite beaten up and needs his $1000. Of course, at this point you do not have it but will pay him back as soon as you can get it. It turns out that the Mafia is after Sal for the cash, and they show up for you to do things for them. This will be in the form of mini games. The mini games are a good break from the garage. The main play gets a little monotonous after a few levels. Sometimes the game is hard to click or move an object or character when another task is performing making the play a little slow. This made it a little frustrating.
Overall the artwork is good, the voice acting even better, the music interesting and appropriate for the time period. The problem with this game is the game play. Like most time management game, it is repetitive, but this one gets a little boring with no upgrades to buy. You do change characters when you choose your workers but everything else is the same over and over. Mini games will break up the play a little but not enough to keep you playing the game. If you are new to time management type of games, this may be the one to try, but for experienced gamers, it is not enough. Too bad since the characters are well thought out and fun even though the Mafia is always looming nearby. If you are willing to take on the mob, try this game. I give it a 2.5 out of 5.
Features of Garage Inc.:

  • Pay back the Mob!
  • Time Management Fun
  • Mini Games
  • Great Artwork and Music