Farm It

This farm game is not your usual growing flowers or vegetables, fighting pests and drought, but it is you as the youthful rooster getting the hens to lay their eggs for future chickens. Click on a hen and the rooster will either skip rope, swing or share a worm with a hen (euphemism for breeding). You have a goal of how many eggs you need to produce at the top of the screen. It’s not as easy as it seems because as usual you’ll have blocks and obstacles impeding your progress. The hens have different moods, dog will beat you up and the old rooster is not happy with you taking his job. Later in the game you’ll be confronted by a skunk, polecat, fox, traps and puzzles to overcome and solve.

Fortunately for you there will be a lot of bonuses and helps to aid you in your noble quest to populate the world with chickens. The helmet will protect you from your enemies for a few seconds, the worms will make the hens happier and the little blue pill will make the hens lay the eggs faster. Use the exit gates to get away to another area.

You start in Europe and continue on across the world in 3 other locked areas with 2 different seasons to choose from (summer and winter). There’s a lot to do and it does get challenging after only a few levels. The instructions are given as you go along in your journey. The artwork is a cute cartoon form with a hoedown-like, upbeat music. The game gets repetitive and may not keep your interest for that long however. It actually would be ideal for kids if not for the mating ritual. If you’ve already had the “talk” with your child, then it should be okay, but it’s up to you to decide. I give it a 2.5 out 5.

Features of Farm It:

  • Original Time Management Game
  • Cute Artwork and Fun Music
  • 2 Seasons