Chloe’s Dream Resort

Chloe is a young, hardworking woman in need of a life change. She goes to work each day from 9 to 5 in a small cubicle in a large corporation reporting to her supervisor day in and day out. She is so exhausted she falls asleep at her desk. In her sleep she dreams about Maya, also young and hardworking, who is running a ski resort. Unfortunately, nightmares have invaded the dreams and scared everyone away. No one can finish the sleep cycle making for a miserable life of constantly being tired. You know how horrible that is so Chloe needs to help Maya make her resorts a successful one.

Begin your game by clicking on the guests at the top left of the screen and drag them to their desired needs. You’ll see it in a bubble over their heads. He/she may want to check in so click on the person and drag the guest to the door of the room. When someone has checked into a room a sign will be over the doorknob so you do not put another guest in the same room. The guest will indicate what activity he/she wants to participate in or what beverage or food he/she may want to eat. You drag the guest to different locations and it is up to Chloe to bring food, drinks, newspapers, turn the switch on for the ski lifts, heat up the hot tubs and more. Maya will stay put but will prepare the foods and drinks so when a guest requests soup, click on the food, wait for Maya to prepare it, click on the bowl when it is ready, and then click on the guest.

If that’s all you have to do, it would be boring and not very exciting, but as you know with most time management games, you’ll be getting much, much more. Remember, this is a dream disrupted by nightmares and there are plenty to cause havoc in your game. Nightmares like the snow monster, chain smoking frog will pop up and it’s your job is to keep them at bay by clicking on them. Another problem is when your guests get too cold, they turn into snowmen, funny but does not make your guests happy. The hearts on the guests show their patience level. If they are unhappy waiting, their hearts will decrease and finally will break and you will lose a customer, but more importantly, the money they owe you will also disappear. When you see the cash register over their heads, drag them to the check out desk at the lower left at the ski resort, click on the register to pay.

The money can be used to upgrade your resort, make Chloe work faster and more. There will be mini games you can play to earn supplies to make the resort better. These games will be timed and fast like matching 2 identical items in a concentration game.

There are 5 different types of resort you must complete to get the nightmares out of your dreams with 12 levels in each resort. You can play in environments like snow, surf, dance floors and more. The scenes may be diverse but the game is basically the same in each resort with different scenery. The artwork is colorful and cute with quirky characters. Music does not match the fun and colorful people in the game. The tune is extremely slow for a time management game and can bring your play down.

This game has only one mode of play but has 2 goal levels: the regular goal is given and the expert level for faster players. It’s fairly easy to meet the expert goal level for the first few games, but it does get addictive and more difficult as you progress in the game. The game will take over 5 hours to play for the average gmer. There’s some repetition to the play but it has a lot of funny things added with the nightmares that will keep you involved in this dream. Give it a try and help all those sleepy heads in need of a good night’s rest.

Features of Chloe’s Dream Resort:

  • 60 Levels of Fun Time Management Play
  • Quirky, Colorful Characters
  • Mini Games and Challenges