Bookworm Deluxe

Lex, the green bookworm, at the sidebar, greets and instructs you at the beginning of this game, throughout the play he makes encouraging comments, and he warns you of the eminent danger waiting ahead of you. There are Scrabble-like tiles in 7 columns with either 7 or 8 pieces in each one. The columns are staggered so one tile can touch part of 4 tiles on the sides and 1 above and 1 below. At the most there are 6 directions to make a word. The letter tiles on the sides and top and bottom of the game board have less options.

The object of the game is to make the longest word possible by using the tiles that touch either up, down, and to the side. You link the tiles by clicking on each one to create a word. You can either click submit on the sidebar or double click on the last tile to present the word to Lex. If accepted, he opens his mouth and munches on the tiles. The replacement tiles will drop from the top to refill the 52 tile board. If Lex feels your words are too small, he’ll refill a letter with a fire tile. The fire tiles will be glowing and crackling like it is on fire. If you do not use this tile right away, it will burn through the letter below it for each word made. If this fire tile reaches the bottom of the game board, it will burn the entire library and ending the game. The funniest part of this disaster is Lex’s stunned, incredulous expression. It’s worth playing this game just for that scene.

Like Scrabble each letter tile has a different point value. The dots or lack of one located at the lower right hand side of the tile will show that J, Qu, X, V, and Z will earn you more points. Some words will produce the dictionary definition on the sidebar. However, with concentrating on producing new words, you tend to ignore reading the definitions you already know. The color tiles will get you higher points, and so will the bonus word given by Lex. You need to strategize a little to maneuver letters around to be able to make the bonus word. This will garner you more points toward getting to the next level or rank. You will be amused by the different cartoon characters you are labeled as when  you complete each level.

When you are stuck and can no longer create a word, you can click on Lex the bookworm to scramble the letters. However, use caution with this move because it will create fire tiles to hinder your play.

Bookworm Deluxe has 2 modes to play, the untimed and Action games. The untimed is still challenging but it is nothing compared to Action. Action is just that. There are more fire tiles and they move down the column much faster and are animated or seem like they are constantly in motion.

Bookworm Deluxe reminds me of the Mac game Flip Words but is a lot more difficult and fun. Lex is entertaining and supportive of your play, the fire tiles add a challenge that enhances your game, the graphics are brightly colored and clear, and the sound effects are perfect even the burping from Lex. This game is for everyone, it will sharpen your word forming skills, and strengthen your mind. On top of all that, it is just plain fun. Try not to get burned.

Features of Bookworm Deluxe:

  • Untimed or Action
  • Bonus Words
  • Burning Tiles
  • Reward Tiles
  • Lex, the Bookworm
  • Hall of Fame