Get your thinking caps on and be ready to flex your brain muscles in this fun and energetic Mac word game Boggles. Based on the board game this video version is fast and challenging to play for all ages. So get ready to press the bubble and make as many words as you can.

The play is to click on the bubble to scramble the letters. From there you make as many words as possible and as quickly as you can. You can decide whether to make 3 or 4 letter words or longer. The longer the word the better and you’ll receive more points. There are 3 modes of play in Boggle. Easy and medium are easy plays and good for young kids but still enjoyable. The real fun begins in the hard Boggle 5mode. This mode is difficult and can be played with older children and adults. You can enjoy this fast action game with your friends and family. You can have 2-4 players on Boggle or play against the computer.

The game board is good with clear letters and graphics. Sometimes clearing letters to start over took some of your precious time on the board. The only annoying factor to this game is the announcer with encouraging short statements. I guess it is good for kids but it can get monotonous with the same phrases rallying your play.

Playing with others will give you the opportunity to yell “Boggle!” I’ve never played the board game, but if it’s as good as the Mac version, I’ll have to check it out. Go exercise your mental fitness by playing this great word game.

Features of Boggle:

  • Words and Letters
  • 3 Modes
  • Up to 4 Players
  • Family Fun

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