Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me is a melodramatic visual novel about Aaron Cowen who loses his short term memory from a horrendous motorcycle accident. Amarantha Fitch or Amy is his girlfriend who didn’t get hurt in the unfortunate incident. The big question is will Aaron remember Amy? Can you somehow make him remember her? Will Amy find someone else or can she move on in her life without Aaron? This game is a life simulation with dating sim elements. The outcome of the story depends solely on your choices.

This game will have you going to different locations on the map to do different tasks like going to the ice cream parlor where Amy has a part time job. If you go there, you must work and on different days, you will have a good day or bad day. Good days will get you more tips and money. The money you earn can be used for going out to a restaurant to eat, have a drink at a bar or join a gym. Other places like the library and hospital to visit Aaron will not cost you anything. The game will open locations as you advance in the game giving you more options to choose from.

The stats are important to keep up like any other RPG/sim game. There is the money, culture, creativity, discipline, romance, energy and morale to keep increasing through different activities. The relationship gauge is also important for the future of each outcome. Each decision you make dealing with another person will either increase or decrease the relationship between the two of you. This is especially important with Amy and other male characters. She meets Eddy a young doctor at the hospital, Lawrence someone who works full time at the ice cream parlor, Hugh an immature boy who hangs around her friends. Cut scenes will bring you into a dialog with another character and what you choose to say to him or her will determine your relationship.

Some actions are determined at specific times of the day or week. Your job is in the morning and you have to go to work Monday through Friday. At night you are automatically placed at home to sleep and rest for the next day. An upsetting sleep may cause you to have low energy the next day. With enough energy and morale, overtime is available to you. Other actions are opened to you when you go to various sites on the map. Once you are at a place you get several things you can do.

At the left of the screen you will get the time of day and bars to move down when the day passes to afternoon and night. These bars help you decide what to do next and strategize your next move. Other similar games do not show this and can get you into trouble because the day passes quickly and ends abruptly because you may not have paid attention to the time.

There are multiple endings to this beautifully drawn visual novel. With 4 dateable guys, Amy could have 8 different romantic endings. Each guy has 2 different endings, one normal and other special. Anything could happen. Maybe Aaron will come to his senses and remember he is in love with Amy and not the other female. Maybe Amy finds love with someone else. There are a lot of answers needing conclusions and only you can discover the endings. There’s even a mysterious secret admirer. I cautiously played this game thinking romantic novels are not for me, but further in the game I found it addictive and interested in what happens to Amy, Aaron and the other characters in this game. Play the game and find your perfect ending. Then do it all over again for another outcome. There’s a lot to do and only you can decide whether you like this type of rpg/sim/visual novel game.

Features of Always Remember Me:

  • 8 Different Romantic Endings
  • Great Anime Drawings
  • Original Soundtrack by Cristina Vee and Matthew Myers