The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop, not to be mistaken with the sim time management game Flower Shop, is a visual novel with some simulation play on the side. Made by the same developer of Bionic Heart, the story about love, friendship and flowers is progressed with reading the dialogue among the anime characters. You are also in control of some of the conversation when given a choice. In addition to the “talk” in this game, you can direct the mood of each character with your decisions.

In this novel you are Steve, a young, spoiled college boy, finishing his finals after his first year of school and not doin...


Matches and Matrimony A Pride and Prejudice Tale

“Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance” (Jane Austen) appears to be the theme of the visual novel/rpg/sim game Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale where the decisions you make will consequently reveal an ending. This dating game is based on 3 of Jane Austen’s classic books: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion. This conglomerating of separate novels works seamlessly into a romantic game where you are in control of the endings and plays even in this time and age.

As in any novel it is separated into chapters...


Hotel Dash 2 Lost Luxuries

If you’ve never played a Dash game, where have you been? This one is the second in a series of hotel time management games. The annual French Fry Festival is deciding which location to have their celebration. It’s now between Dinertown and Donutville, and the competition is intense. Flo is certain Dinertown will win until she speaks to Mr. Big, her former adversary. As mayor he spent all the funds on making the best convention center ever, and there’s no money left to build new hotels to house all the festival participants...



Get your thinking caps on and be ready to flex your brain muscles in this fun and energetic Mac word game Boggles. Based on the board game this video version is fast and challenging to play for all ages. So get ready to press the bubble and make as many words as you can.

The play is to click on the bubble to scramble the letters. From there you make as many words as possible and as quickly as you can. You can decide whether to make 3 or 4 letter words or longer. The longer the word the better and you’ll receive more points. There are 3 modes of play in Boggle...


Farm It

This farm game is not your usual growing flowers or vegetables, fighting pests and drought, but it is you as the youthful rooster getting the hens to lay their eggs for future chickens. Click on a hen and the rooster will either skip rope, swing or share a worm with a hen (euphemism for breeding). You have a goal of how many eggs you need to produce at the top of the screen. It’s not as easy as it seems because as usual you’ll have blocks and obstacles impeding your progress. The hens have different moods, dog will beat you up and the old rooster is not happy with you taking his job...


Garage Inc.

Angelo, a poor immigrant, is trying to make a honest living in Chicago. His dream of owning a garage is not within reach until his cousin Sal offers to front $1000 to start his shop. Reluctant at first, but grateful for the opportunity, Angelo begins working on the many models of cars that are being pumped out of Detroit.
This game is your typical time management game where you must reach your goals within each day to move on to the next level. You begin on Day 1, Monday, December 10, 1928...


Review On Best Adventure Games

James Patterson Women’s Murder Club Death in Scarlet

A morning jog turns up a spine chilling discovery, and a new wave of fear begins to hover over the beautiful city of San Francisco, much like the dense famous fog that rolls in every day. Enter the world of James Patterson, one of America`s most popular storytellers, and study murder scenes as Claire Washburn, Lindsay Boxer and  crime reporter Cindy Thomas. Look for hidden objects inside 9 investigations, brain-bending puzzles, strikingly-beautiful artwork, and an all-new spine tingling storyline...


Planet Stronghold

You take on the role of a young attractive new recruit. You have a choice to make right away with the gender (either Lisa or Joshua Nelson). There are 4 character classes to choose from: Soldier, Guardian, Scout, and Psionic. If you played any rpgs, you know each characteristic can dramatically change the outcome of the story. In addition there are 3 modes of difficulties. If you are new to this type of game or a casual gamer, start with the Easy and work yourself up to Medium and Hard. You can change your modes any time in the preference screen...


Julia’s Quest United Kingdom

If you can’t make it over the great pond to the British Isles, the next best thing is to play Julia’s Quest: United Kingdom. It will take you to all the great tourist locations like the Tower of London, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Westminister Abbey, National Gallery and the now iconic London Eye. Not only will this game take you to the many fantastic places but it will also give you fun facts and interesting stories behind each location.

This is mainly a match 3 game with a short story about Julia searching for clues and answers by following her grandfather’s diary and his fascinating ...


The Fool

Who in their right mind will send a fool to do a brave knight’s job? Well, in all honesty the king was desperate, and losing a foolish young kid is no big deal. The king’s realm is devastated with a fire-breathing dragon that decided to nest in the beautiful caves of the countryside. The king sends out a cry for help. Anyone who rids the kingdom of this menacing creature, brings his bloody tooth back will get the hand of the beautiful princess and half his land.
Many have tried and failed in the attempt, but soon a young man happens upon a flyer and decides he can do the job...


Bookworm Deluxe

Lex, the green bookworm, at the sidebar, greets and instructs you at the beginning of this game, throughout the play he makes encouraging comments, and he warns you of the eminent danger waiting ahead of you. There are Scrabble-like tiles in 7 columns with either 7 or 8 pieces in each one. The columns are staggered so one tile can touch part of 4 tiles on the sides and 1 above and 1 below. At the most there are 6 directions to make a word. The letter tiles on the sides and top and bottom of the game board have less options.

The object of the game is to make the longest word possible by using t...


Mishap 2 An Intentional Haunting

The ghostly adventure will take you to the evil villain and biggest rival of Hobblepop, Avery Nailliv, and his mysterious and foreboding island. Brock and Kelly Burton (from the 1st Mishap) are part of this unlikely combination of characters that will go to this island to recover Hobblepop’s stolen paranormal research. Nailliv has a lot of rooms in his sinister fortress full of odd, sad and strange cartoon ghosts.
In each object filled scene you can expand the room by going to the edge of the screen on both sides...


Merriam Webster Spell-Jam

There are 3 modes of play in this game: Practice, Game Show and Competition. Practice will give you 25 words to spell, and it will take you through the session 3 times. Hopefully you will be able to spell all the words correctly by the third time. In all three modes you are able to choose from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. A commentator gives you the word, and you have 4 options before spelling it. You may ask to repeat the word, give you a sentence, definition, or origin or get all 4 hints...


Text Twist 2

Everyone is different and Text Twist 2 takes that into consideration by creating 3 modes of play to fit all types of people. In the Lightning mode you must use all the letters offered to make a word before the time runs out. Some people are good at this mode, but others, like me, need more time to figure out the word. What’s great about this game is you can twist the letters around so maybe you’ll have betterText Twist 2 7 luck making your word. The crossword puzzle mode is in the crossword configuration and you make words using the blocks presented both vertically and horizontally...


Magic Farm Ultimate Flower

Choose your skill level from Casual or Hardcore modes and begin your journey to find Iris’ parents. The story is familiar but hey, you have to start the expedition somewhere. However, you don’t have enough money to go searching for them. Your old neighbor lets you use his broken down farm to grow flowers and sell them to raise enough revenue to subsidize your trips and hire a detective.

Anyone coming up to you in the foreground of the screen wants to speak to you. Just click on them to see what they have to say...


Thomas and the Magical Words

It is up to you to help Tommy escape this imprisonment by creating a word path to exit the book. In a Scrabble like fashion you make up words from the given letters at the top of the screen. Each new word must connect to the old words forming a link or path to the gate to the right. You click on a letter and drag it to the game board, place it on a square  and when a word is made the pink letters will turn green. There is a Stamina gauge that goes down when you do not make a word, but will fill up again when you do form a word. The more dots on the letter pieces will garner you more points...


Review On Best Action Games


Blast into space where androids and robots collide. Use your sharp eye and great aim to abolish the invasive robots from taking over the galaxy. Get addicted to this game of mayhem with more than 70 robots to annihilate, 10 massive power-ups 4 giant boss robots to conquer, over 40 levels of frantic action, and tons of fun. Be prepared for this fast paced shooter game by getting your trigger finger ready for the battle that awaits. With so many levels and robots to hunt, it is impossible not to get sucked into this world of action and adventure...


Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me is a melodramatic visual novel about Aaron Cowen who loses his short term memory from a horrendous motorcycle accident. Amarantha Fitch or Amy is his girlfriend who didn’t get hurt in the unfortunate incident. The big question is will Aaron remember Amy? Can you somehow make him remember her? Will Amy find someone else or can she move on in her life without Aaron? This game is a life simulation with dating sim elements. The outcome of the story depends solely on your choices.

This game will have you going to different locations on the map to do different tasks like going t...


Chloe’s Dream Resort

Chloe is a young, hardworking woman in need of a life change. She goes to work each day from 9 to 5 in a small cubicle in a large corporation reporting to her supervisor day in and day out. She is so exhausted she falls asleep at her desk. In her sleep she dreams about Maya, also young and hardworking, who is running a ski resort. Unfortunately, nightmares have invaded the dreams and scared everyone away. No one can finish the sleep cycle making for a miserable life of constantly being tired. You know how horrible that is so Chloe needs to help Maya make her resorts a successful one.

Begin you...


Bionic Heart

More than a sci-fi visual novel, Bionic Heart, is an interactive anime inspired movie with you controlling the plot and eventually the ending. The year is 2099 AD and it is raining in London. This is not an unusual scenario for London but now it rains every day in this modernistic, space age city with high rises spiraling towards the dark skies. The entire planet is wrapped in this rain soaked atmosphere...